Legal Tips for the Cool Kids

Yo, did you know that polygamy might be legal in certain parts of the United States? It’s wild!
Before you go swiping that new card, make sure you’ve read and understood the credit card terms of agreement. Don’t wanna get caught slippin’!
When setting up your hustle, make sure to have a written operating agreement in place. Gotta protect yourself, fam!
If you’re grinding in the workforce, know your rights as a worker in labour law. Don’t let them play you!
Cribbage is a lit game, but make sure you’re up on the official rules of cribbage before you start talking smack.
Got a DVC contract you’re looking to unload? Get some expert legal advice first, so you don’t end up in a sticky situation.
Bet you didn’t know that betting shops became legal in the UK at a certain point. Crazy, right?
When it comes to legal resources, Colorado’s Michie’s Legal Resources have got you covered. Stay legal, stay smart.
Partnering with a marketing agency? Get that legal agreement on lock so there’s no confusion.
Looking to flex your legal skills? Check out this list of moot court competitions to level up.